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PHASE I:    Environmental Site Assessments

EEA's engineers and scientists have undertaken numerous site evaluations for hazardous materials over the years; since 1988, EEA performed Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) on over 5,000 parcels for over thirty lenders in the tri-state area. These "due diligence" evaluations have been prepared for almost all of the major commercial banks, many of the savings and loan banks, and insurance companies. A wide range of sites has been evaluated, including major industrial and manufacturing facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, multi-family apartment buildings, commercial office and retail facilities, bulk fuel storage depots, gasoline/auto repair stations, film and television studios, marinas, farms, funeral homes, tracts of vacant land, etc.

In addition to performing Phase I ESA's for major lenders and corporations, EEA continues (since 1994) to be one of three contractors for NYC's upstate watershed acquisition program for the NYC Department of Environmental Protection.  EEA also performs Phase I ESA's for the NYS Department of Transportation:   NYSDOT Projects Conducted by EEA

EEA's Phase I Site Assessment Division has extensive experience in performing Phase I ESAs in the New York metropolitan area. Its research department maintains a large in-house collection of historic atlases, the most recent federal and state lists of hazardous waste sites and incidents, as well as easily accessible databases of information from EEA's history of site assessments. EEA's team of property inspectors include environmental engineers and scientists who are certified as asbestos inspectors and environmental property assessors. All site assessments are reviewed and approved by an EEA principal, each of whom has over 20 years experience in hazardous material studies and is a recognized expert in the field. EEA also carries professional liability insurance (Errors and Omissions) that covers the Phase I Site Assessments.

EEA follows the standard two-phased approach to the due diligence evaluations. Most properties can be evaluated following the Phase I documentary research and physical inspection protocol conforming to the most recent ASTM standard, although some sites with indications of significant potential contamination may also require soil and groundwater testing (Phase II). EEA also provides full Phase II services for the testing of soils and groundwater, and can arrange for tank testing. The qualifications of EEA's Haz-Mat Testing and Remediation Division are available in a separate brochure.