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Air Quality and Noise Impact Analysis Qualifications

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Air Quality

Noise Services Recent Studies

EEA, Inc
. is an environmental consulting firm that has been performing environmental studies for both the public and private sectors since 1979. EEA's engineers and scientists have completed a wide variety of air quality and noise evaluations for projects throughout the Metropolitan New York/New Jersey region, and beyond. EEA's staff is familiar with federal, state and local air and noise regulations, as well as the broader environmental laws (NEPA, SEQRA, CEQRA) which govern air and noise emissions.

Air Quality Services

Mobile Source Modeling

  • Conducting impact analyses for Environmental Impact Assessment/Statements using the latest USEPA models (MOBILE, CAL3QHC)

  • Conducting State Department of Transportation impact analyses for highway, bridge, and rail construction projects

Stationary Source Monitoring and Modeling

  • Modeling emissions from manufacturing/industrial sources (ISC and SCREEN models)

  • Installing and operating meteorological and ambient air quality monitoring systems

  • Preparing air permit applications

Clean Air Act Amendments Compliance

  • Conducting compliance audits and planning for manufacturing/industrial facilities subject to Title V and other emission regulations

Noise Services


  Monitoring and Testing

  • Measuring sound levels and characterizing noise sources

  • Determining compliance with local noise ordinances

  Modeling and Abatement

  • Modeling of noise impacts from mobile and stationary sources using FHWA and other models (TNM and STAMINA 2.0)

  • Determining appropriate noise barrier design parameters using the FHWA and other acoustical models and procedures (OPTIMA and TNM)


Recent Studies

EIS Studies
  • Air Quality and Noise Impact Assessments (SEQRA) for Proposed Minor League Ballpark in downtown Yonkers for Mayor's Office and City Council.
  • Air Quality and Noise Impact Assessments (SEQRA) for Expansion of the Chappaqua, New York (Westchester County) Schools for Chappaqua School District.


Transportation Projects
  • Air Quality and Noise Impact Analyses (NEPA/SEQRA & FHWA) for Long Island Expressway Service Roads and Intersections Projects (Exits 42-46) Nassau County for NYSDOT
  • Air Quality and Noise Impact Assessments for Improvements and Bike Paths on the Bronx River Parkway (Bronx County) for NYSDOT


Compliance with Noise Codes and Air Quality Standards

  • Critique of Air Quality and Noise Impacts Analyses (NYSPSC) and Code/Standards Conformity for Proposed 250 MW Combine Cycle Electric Power Generating Facility for the Town of Huntington (Suffolk County).

  •  Determine Noise Attenuation Design Specifications for Emergency Power Generator facilities (in NY and NJ) to Meet Local Noise Codes for a Major Telecommunication Company.

EEA Air and Noise Contact:  Leland Hairr