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  Since its founding in 1979, EEA, Inc. has been providing quality ecological services to city, state, and federal agencies, as well as to private industry throughout the metropolitan New York and New Jersey area. For the past 25 years, EEA’s staff of experienced ecologists, directed by Roy R. Stoecker, Ph.D., Vice President of EEA, has conducted numerous studies in a wide variety of disciplines including:

Matt Billerman,
Field Ecologist


Assessment of upland, wetland, and aquatic habitats require field surveys by experienced botanists, wildlife biologists, aquatic ecologists and environmental scientists. 

The EEA group represents considerable and diverse expertise in a number of uplands and wetlands ecological disciplines including botany, marine biology, benthic ecology, entomology, fisheries biology, freshwater biology, wildlife ecology and ornithology. 

Local Catch of Atlantic Silversides

Services provided by the ecology staff include:
Habitat Assessments, Dredge  Material Management, Sediment Testing Programs, Marine Surveys, Feasibility Studies, Rare Species Inventories, Impact Assessments, Botanical and Wildlife Inventories, Wetland Delineations, Creation/Restoration of Wetlands, and all phases of local, state and federal permitting related to natural resources. 

EEA is equipped with a biological laboratory, two full size research boats, and a full inventory of ecological physical sampling equipment. EEA takes pride in its established reputation for being responsive to the specific needs and concerns of its clients, and for providing cost-effective solutions for environmental conditions. 


EEA Ecology Contact: 
Roy R. Stoecker, Ph.D  (


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