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Cooling Water Intake  Structures
Entrainment/Impingement 316(b)
Whether your company’s Cooling Water Intake Structure (CWIS) is covered under USEPA’s planned Phase I (new power plants), Phase II (existing power plants) or Phase III (other CWIS) rulemaking implementing §316(b) of the Clean Water Act, EEA can provide the expert ecological site characterization study design, field, lab, analytical or permit negotiation services that may be required in the near future.
An expert and experienced staff…

EEA’s ecological work is directed by Roy R. Stoecker, Ph.D and Vice President of EEA, who, prior to co-founding the firm in 1979, directed a comprehensive and seminal 316(b) demonstration for the Northport Generating Station on Long Island, NY. Roy took his B.S. at Manhattan College; his M.S. at Long Island University; and his doctorate at the University of Hawaii. He has continued to provide valuable consulting services to the utility industry, including a §316(b) & (a – thermal discharge) survey for [the former] Long Island Lighting Company in the early ‘90s; a NYSDEC Article VII Application for an underground transmission line  
Roy Stoecker, Vice President for Keyspan Energy in 1999; a feasibility study for a wind 
farm on the south shore of Long Island for LIPA in 2002-2003; a water quality monitoring study for a proposed underwater cable crossing project for Keyspan Energy in 2003; and a long-term radiological sample collection program (fish and invertebrates) for the former Shoreham Nuclear Power Station. He continues to be involved in a potentially cutting-edge technological project for the American Ref-Fuel Corporation.
Lab and field equipment included…

Complementing the education, expertise and experience of our dedicated staff, EEA has a biological laboratory, two full size research boats, and the attendant ecological and physical sampling equipment necessary to provide full services capabilities.  

EEA’s research vessels include the 26-foot Cormorant, and the 38- foot Kingfisher.   

EEA’s biologists 
tend the wash net

EEA’s staff of biologists is experienced in performing study elements meeting 316(b)

These   platforms  are capable  of  handling the whole  array  of  oceanographic  and  biological sampling   apparatus needed   to   perform  benthic dredge sampling, ichthyoplankton sampling, otter trawling, gill netting,  and the associated physical and chemical monitoring. 

EEA has full biological laboratory capabilities, analyzing thousands of benthic, zooplankton and ichthyoplankton samples per year. EEA also utilizes highly qualified WBE taxonomy firms, thereby also ensuring set-asides can be met, if needed.


Representative Projects ….  
The following is a partial list of power plants that EEA’s key staff has worked on since the Clean Water Act was passed in 1972. 
·· Northport, NY (LILCO/Keyspan)
· Shoreham, NY (LILCO)
. Shoreham, NY (American Ref-Fuel)
. Hempstead,  NY (American Ref Fuel)

· Rockaway, NY (LILCO/Keyspan)
· Somerset, MA (NRG Energy)
. Sandwich, MA (Canal Electric)
. Brayton Point, MA (???)
. Essex, NJ (American Ref-Fuel)
. Rochester,  MA (American Ref-Fuel)
. Chester, PA (American Ref-Fuel)
. Buffalo, NY (American Ref-Fuel)
. Plymouth, MA (Boston Edison)
· Salem, NJ (PSE&G)

· Oyster Creek, NJ (JCP&L)
For more information on Cooling Water Studies, please contact Roy Stoecker at (516) 746-4400.

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