Energy & Environmental Analysts, Inc.

Inc. is a professional environmental consulting firm established in 1979 to provide expert technical and procedural assistance to its national and international clients. The principals of the firm and all senior personnel each have a minimum of twenty years of professional engineering and consulting experience. The company's staff of approximately 25 professional and technical employees provide expertise in the following basic areas:
EEA offers environmental solutions.
Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
Phase II and III Hazardous Waste Testing and Remediation
Air Quality and Noise Measurements and Modeling
Since 1979, EEA has evaluated and solved environmental problems. Since its founding, EEA has worked with industrial clients, government agencies, and private corporations on a wide variety of projects. (Clients)  These have included site feasibility studies, testing/ remediation programs, technical support studies for environmental impact statements for major commercial and industrial projects, air quality and noise studies, wetlands/ ecological surveys, and environmental site assessments of real property (industrial, commercial, residential) for major tri-state area financial institutions.  Although most of this work has been concentrated in the northeastern United States, EEA has also undertaken environmental studies in Europe and Mexico.  
In addition to its staff of professional engineers, scientists and planners, EEA maintains and operates two fully equipped research vessels for sampling operations in the New York waterways.
EEA's offices are located in: 
Garden City, Long Island, New York, (516) 746-4400, FAX (516) 746-4432
Stony Brook, Long Island, New York (631) 751-4600, FAX (631) 751-0597
Altamont, New York  (518) 861-8586
Asheville, NC (828) 777-0610
New York City access (212) 227-3200