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Another Long Island Manufacturing Success Story!

Dyna-Empire, Inc., a Garden City producer of precision components and complete assemblies for the aerospace and marine industry, has been registered by Bureau Veritas Quality International as conformant with ISO 14001:1996, the international standard for environmental management systems. Dyna-Empire is the first small-to-midsize business on Long Island to achieve this prestigious certificate, realizing significant cost savings through innovative pollution prevention and waste minimization goals, and markedly improving its position with key customers, including Rolls Royce and Boeing.

ISOECI’s Vice President, Bob Clifford, (c)
with Dyna Empire's Quality Assurance
Manager, Rich Bradley, and Environmental Coordinator, Will Spanbock

Working in close partnership with Dyna-Empire, ISO Environmental Consultancy, Inc., and its team of environmental and health and safety professionals provided multi-faceted services in support of environmental management system implementation. The fifteen-month program was structured to integrate the company’s existing AS9000 quality management system with its existing environmental best practices. ISOECI established a structured tutorial program, including strategic regulatory compliance, training, and internal auditing support. The program was modified to accommodate our client’s changing needs and included the creation of an "open account" from which requests for document peer-review, benchmarking, or other types of "ISO coaching" could be obtained.

The resulting management system was initially developed to achieve conformance with ANSI/ISO/ASQ 9001  - Quality Management Systems  -  Requirements, ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Systems  - Specification with Guidance for Use, and OHSAS 18001 - Health & Safety Management Systems.  The integrated approach aligned several common management elements of each system, including training, monitoring and measuring, calibration, internal auditing, non-conformance, corrective and preventive action, and management review. While conformance with OHSAS 18001 was not sought, further development of the safety management system is anticipated.

Our professionals have recognized that one key to success in environmental management is alignment with the quality management system because ISO 14001 has much in common with ISO 9001 – including critical elements of internal auditing, corrective and preventive action. We are uniquely qualified to align a company’s management systems because our staff is certified in both quality and environmental system auditing and have hands-on, working experience with the registrars accredited to issue ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and OHSAS 18001 certifications.

Dyna Empire's President, Patrick McCarthy,
checking the Environmental Communication
Center Bulletin Board.

A hallmark at Dyna-Empire, the Quality System Team, in-place as part of the facility's six-year quality management system, became instrumental in selecting objectives and targets, driving environmental management programs, and facilitating communication. Each of these elements are unique to environmental systems but became seamlessly integrated into the overall management system. The ongoing results of this project are expected to include continued cost savings, resource efficiency, and compliance assurance.

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