Allen Serper, P.E.
Senior Vice President and Founder of EEA


Allen Serper, P.E., is a co-founder and has been Vice President of EEA, Inc. since its founding in 1979 as Energy & Environmental Analysts, Inc.  Mr. Serper is the Principal-In-Charge of EEA’s Phase II/III Hazardous Materials  Subsurface Testing and Remediation Group.

Mr. Serper’s other engineering activities at EEA have involved the technical and managerial responsibilities associated with the design and permitting of municipal landfills, hazardous waste disposal facilities, and transfer stations.

Prior to founding EEA, Mr. Serper was Vice President of Environmental Engineering at Equitable Environmental Health, Inc.  Over the years, Mr. Serper has managed many significant and innovative environmental engineering projects ranging from the design and implementation and start-up of a nerve gas incineration/pollution control system to respirable dust control systems for use in underground coal mines.

Mr. Serper received his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the College of the City of New York and completed predoctoral work in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University.  He has published many technical papers and articles relating to various aspects of environmental engineering.

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